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A How-To Guide to Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics is essential for any business to understand their marketing initiatives and insights. Many companies use these analytics to inform and justify their marketing decisions. This crucial data can help explain important details like customer preferences, behavior, and trends. 

Let’s dive in and understand marketing analytics and its importance to achieving your marketing goals.


What Is Marketing Analytics?

Quite simply, it is the precise measurement, management, and analysis of the performance of your organization’s marketing initiatives. Its use helps to maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment.

This information is essential for management to make informed budget decisions. With this data-driven approach to marketing, businesses can hone in on their most influential metrics to better refine strategy and move the bar on sales and conversions

The metrics used in marketing analytics relate to websites, social media, lead generation, and ROI. These data help you to understand audience interest and engagement while also providing greater insight into digital campaigns and market segmentation. Furthermore, they better support your ability to track your competitors and analyze your performance against theirs.


Keyword Analytics

One of the most powerful performance metrics is keyword analytics. Keyword data can be analyzed click by click to optimize and inform various business processes. In addition, keywords help you to understand what is on the mind of consumers. Keyword data can be utilized in many ways such as:


Product Layout and Design: Keywords can reveal and help you understand the solutions or product features customers are looking for or expecting.

Industry Trends: Changes in keyword usage frequencies can help in identifying and predicting trends in customer behavior.

Customer Support: You can use keywords to better understand in what ways customers are struggling and how to better support them.


Other Types Of Marketing Analytics

A few other types of Marketing Analytics include:


Web Analytics

Web Analytics helps you understand consumer interaction with your website. Simply put, it allows you to determine whether your platform is captivating the audience or if they are leaving to visit the websites of your competitors.

Some of web analytics relevant metrics include page load time, pageviews per visit, and returning visitors. These measures help quantify the effectiveness of every page on your website.


Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing analytics provide a clearer picture of consumers’ interactions with your content. They also give additional clarity on your website traffic as well as your SEO/PSA. For more information about SEO and PSA, check out our two-part guide on search engine marketing.  

Some of the measures of digital marketing analytics include engagement, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and follower growth. These metrics are extremely helpful for crafting a sound digital marketing strategy that maximally optimizes your digital activities.


Competitor Analysis

Oftentimes, relying on only your own performance metrics is not sufficient to achieve success. This is where competitor analysis comes in.

Competitor analysis gives insight into the sources of, you guessed it, your competitor’s consumer traffic. For example, it can provide you with the keywords, search terms, and social media channels that bring qualified leads to your competition. Competitor Analysis is as good as gold because it supplies a behind-the-scenes view into the marketing strategy of your competitors.


How Do You Actually Use Marketing Analytics?

You may be thinking, great, more data! What do I even do with all this information? 

It’s true that there is so much data available that it can be difficult to pull it all together and discover any insights of value. The good news is, marketing analytics tools are designed exactly for this purpose. 

These tools allow you to analyze, understand, and visualize thousands of data points. Their use will provide you with the meaningful insights you need to build your successful marketing strategy. 


Marketing Analytics Tools

Some of our favorite marketing analytics tools include:


HotjarA web analytics platform that illustrates how people are using your website or app through cool tools like heatmaps and session recordings.

AhrefsAn SEO software platform that alerts you when you have SEO issues or broken links.

SEMrushAnother SEO platform that does your keyword research for you, reveals the keyword strategy of your competitors and provides you with valuable backlinking opportunities on your blog.


Benefits of Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics benefits your organization by providing insight into your marketing initiatives. In addition, they allow you to:

  1. Better understand customer and user behavior and respond proactively
  2. Personalize your marketing and customer engagements 
  3. Sharpen your social media strategies
  4. Better cross-functionally collaborate on decisions
  5. Have a safer balance between data analysis and data governance to safeguard both the interests of both the company and its consumers


Implementing Marketing Analytics into Your Business

Clearly,  marketing analytics is vital to the future success of your organization. They can help you re-prioritize how you build your budget and use your time, energy, and resources. 

At DataDay, we firmly believe our customers can outsmart, rather than outspend their competitors. We take pride in providing efficient solutions to achieve marketing success. If you want to implement marketing analytics into your business and need help determining where it’s most useful for you, we can help. 

As a digital marketing agency, we specialize in helping businesses better execute their marketing strategy. Marketing analytics plays an important role in doing so. We also provide support with social media management and digital branding. If you’re interested in learning more about how DataDay can specifically improve the efficiency of your business, you can click the button below to schedule a free consultation


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