“I love our new site, it’s easy to use and looks great! Since getting our new site, we’ve seen increased traffic and started getting more traction with clients. The DataDay Design team was creative, knowledgeable and on top of all of our requests. Their team had no issues navigating challenges that arose over the course of the project.”

- Shari Munro, VP of Techpros


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Techpros is one of the top software recruiting firms in the Greater Boston Area. They provide permanent placement for all roles, from entry-software engineer to CTO and VP of Engineering. Techpros has been around since 1998, and while the company’s 20 years in business have helped them to build a strong network across Boston, it also meant that when we started working with them in 2019, some of their digital infrastructure needed some updating.
techpros old site pic 1
Techpros’ “Home” page before working with DataDay Design

As a recruiting firm, Techpros offers a unique set of services that include career coaching,
screening candidates, and matching candidate interests and skills with current job openings. This creates a need for some interesting functionality on their website. For instance, they need a dual-entry portal for both candidates applying to jobs and companies seeking talent

techpros old site pic 2

Techpros’ company portal before working with DataDay Design

Like any business, two of Techpros’ top priorities are convincing customers to choose them over competitors, and being able to develop strong customer relationships. In terms of Techpros’ website, this means their “About Us/Why Us” page and their “Contact” page need to be both easy to navigate and easy to understand

techpros old site pic 3

Techpros’ “About Us” page before

techpros old site pic 4

Techpros’ “Contact Us” page before

After a few meetings with Techpros where we developed an understanding of their business strategy, their digital strategy, and their core needs, our team of designers, analysts, and developers set to work. Based on our discussions with Techpros, we determined three key areas to focus on during the re-design of their website.

1. Communicating with customers more clearly by improving stylistic UI and editing copy
2. Modern branding that demonstrates professionalism while attracting younger talent
3. Creating more entry points and opportunities to directly engage with companies and candidates

Over the next several weeks the DataDay Design team went through multiple design iterations and used continuous feedback from Techpros to create the website that Techpros is using now.

techpros old site pic 5

Top of Techpros’ “Home” page after working with DataDay Design

You’ll immediately notice the company’s new color scheme. Designed to give key information more pop, and increase customer engagements, Techpros’ updated color scheme retains the professional feel of their old brand while giving a contemporary flare to their website. Their new site also builds a more cohesive customer journey that starts with visitors identifying exactly what they’re looking for. Distinguishing between companies (“Looking to Hire?”), experienced professionals (“Seeking a Position?”), and individuals seeking a professional boost (“Career Coaching”) is dually beneficial to more accurately tracking website analytics.

techpros old site pic 6

Middle of Techpros’ “Home” page after

To highlight skills and languages that Techpros specializes in recruiting for, we added a scrolling gallery part way down their home page. Candidates and companies alike are instantly reminded that Techpros specializes in recruiting for the software industry, and their team understands what to look for in talent and opportunities. Another improvement we made to the company’s home page was adding their value proposition early on.

techpros old site pic 7

Bottom of Techpros’ “Home” page after

The new Techpros’ “Home” page is made complete by a testimonial from one of their past clients and multiple entry points for engagement. Including a testimonial on their home page reiterates that Techpros is a firm which candidates and companies can trust for permanent placement.

The two entry points, made to standout by leveraging the new Techpros color scheme, will improve customer conversions and engagements by making contact with a recruiter just one click away. Just based on the home page alone, it’s easy to see the focus areas of our website re-design coming through.

1. Communicating with customers more clearly by improving stylistic UI and editing copy -> Updated color scheme, fewer distracting elements, limited copy
2. Modern branding that demonstrates professionalism while attracting younger talent -> New color scheme, high contrast, and clean lines
3. Creating more entry points and opportunities to directly engage with companies and
candidates -> Fewer obstacles to talking to a recruiter, entry points for immediate
engagement as well as planning future engagement

We continued to focus on these three areas as we built out the other pages of Techpros’ new website. By making copy more succinct, removing busy elements, and making it easier for customers to engage with both the Techpros job board and the company’s recruiters, we were able to deliver a highly improved end product.

techpros old site pic 8

Top of Techpros’ “Contact Us” page after

The Techpros contact page now features an additional entry point that allows individuals to start a conversation with one of the company’s recruiters without committing to booking an appointment or applying to a job. By lowering barriers to engagement, Techpros can get into conversations with candidates and companies earlier, allowing them to beat out their competition.
techpros old site pic 8

Bottom of Techpros’ “Contact Us” page after

The company’s new “Contact Us” page features numerous entry points, allowing individuals to easily call, email, or fill out a general interest form. By including a “Keep in Touch” form, Techpros will be able to track potential partner companies and candidates more easily. Their old “Contact Us” page only provided phone and email contact options, which require additional effort from customers and decrease the likelihood that they enter Techpros’ pipeline.

techpros old site pic 9

Techpros’ job portal after

When we started working with Techpros the company’s job portal page no longer worked. Individuals would be brought to a page that was blank except for a search bar at the top. Regardless of what you searched no results would appear. Their new site features the latest integration from PCRecruiter, making it easy for candidates to find jobs that match their interests and quickly apply.
techpros old site pic 10

Techpros’ “Career Coaching” page

With updated images and more succinct copy, the new Techpros site guarantees they are able to communicate clearly with all customer segments.

Our team enjoyed working with Techpros building their new website and we’re excited to
continue working with them as their digital needs evolve!