Web Design & Logo Design

The Lamont Smith Basketball Academy, based in Orange County, California, is an elite basketball training school serving kids through professional athletes. The academy was founded in 2019 by its namesake, Lamont Smith, a former Division 1 men’s basketball coach with over 20 years of experience. Coach Smith served as an assistant coach at several successful programs including Saint Louis (1999-2001), Saint Marys (2001-07), Santa Clara (2007-08), Arizona State (2008-12), Washington (2012-13), and New Mexico (2013-15).

In 2015, Coach Smith began his first Division 1 head coaching position at the University of San Diego (2015-18) where he led the school to their fourth 20-win season in program history. Coach Smith has coached several NBA players, most notably including Cameron Bairstow, Jeff Ayers, and former NBA MVP, James Harden. Given his impressive coaching profile, Coach Smith needed a digital presence that marketed his experience and illustrated his expertise. In June of 2020, he approached DataDay Design to develop his academy logo and website. 

After the success of our initial work, Coach Smith again contracted DataDay Design in August 2020, this time, to edit and produce the videos embedded on the academy’s website.

After creative and logistic discussions with Coach Smith, in which we determined his goals and desired style, our team of designers, analysts, and developers set out to bring his visions to reality. Based on our discussions, we identified three key focus areas:

  1.  Build an academy logo that was both “sleek” and “funky” and would give off an air of  professionalism for parents, while remaining somewhat whimsical for kids 
  2. A modern website to which parents and athletes could look to for the multiple athletic offerings of the Lamont Smith Basketball Academy and view highlight videos detailing athlete experiences 
  3. High energy, creative, and fun videos highlighting the academy’s different offerings (1-1 workouts, group workouts, etc.) and showcasing testimonials (e.g., former New York Knicks Head Coach David Fizdale
The Lamont Smith Basketball Academy logo was designed with the professional expectations of parents in mind, as well as the imagination of kids too. Our design incorporates the modern professional sports team circular logo style while including a touch of flair with a distorted basketball court.