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Real Results for Real People

     From digital marketing, to financial planning and project management, our approach to business improvement is at the intersection of systems engineering and human-centered design. This dual approach ensures that we deliver organic results with real end users and grounded entrepreneurs in mind.

     We enjoy digging through operational data and analyzing customer behaviors to uncover common pain points and identify new opportunities to cut costs or improve product-market fit. The more effectively we work together to understand your toughest business challenges, the more effectively we can work together to address the underlying causes. Our team is ready to be the reliable support that you need, where ever you need it, whether you’re working from a whiteboard or have decades of experience.

      Let’s take the first step towards simplifying your work day and pre-empting your most common business needs, today. Schedule your first call and our team will get to work.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Tell us a bit more about your business and current priorities using the form below, and we’ll get back to you with an estimated retainer and SOW proposal. Then we’ll coordinate a time to discuss whether that proposal makes sense for having Dataday take on any and all of your digital marketing, operations management, and strategic planning needs.

Leadership Team

TJ Ball
Chief Executive Officer

TJ Ball is a savvy entrepreneur and experienced business strategist. He specializes in digital transformation, process optimization, and social impact. TJ has directly managed a number of IP and Entity acquisitions totaling over $40M in acquired assets. TJ holds a Bachelor’s in Government and a Master’s in Systems Engineering from Cornell University and is working towards a MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He is based in Upstate NY, where his passions for nature and creative tinkering run wild. He spends his free time running marathons, investing in real estate, doing home renovations, and painting.



Chirag Narang
Sr. Business Technology Consultant

Meet Chirag, a dynamic professional who embodies the spirit of adaptability and innovation. Chirag embarked on a remarkable journey by completing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering amidst the challenges of the pandemic in 2020. Undeterred by the circumstances, Chirag’s thirst for knowledge led to the successful attainment of a master’s degree in Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation in December 2022.

Chirag’s professional voyage has been a tapestry of diverse experiences. From being a programming executive at National Geographic Channel to donning the role of a growth hacker with Progress Corporation, Chirag’s versatility shines through. With a penchant for embracing multifaceted responsibilities, Chirag has seamlessly transitioned across various roles, leaving an indelible mark in each one. Chirag’s intellectual prowess is substantiated by an impressive array of certifications, including Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, and Project Management. These credentials bear testament to Chirag’s commitment to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of evolving industries.

Currently, Chirag thrives as a Data Services Consultant at ADP Canada, where analytical acumen meets technological finesse. Simultaneously, Chirag’s role as a Business Technology Consultant at DataDay Design underscores an innate ability to bridge the realms of business and technology, catalyzing innovation-driven solutions. One of Chirag’s defining qualities is an insatiable curiosity that transcends boundaries. Chirag’s outlook on learning knows no limits, a trait that has been instrumental in Chirag’s rapid absorption of new concepts. With an innate ability to think outside the box, Chirag infuses energy, enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication into every endeavor undertaken.

Beyond the professional realm, Chirag’s heart beats to the rhythm of startup culture. An avid startup enthusiast, Chirag envisions a world of boundless possibilities and harbors dreams of exploring the globe as a digital nomad. Chirag’s zest for life and unquenchable wanderlust encapsulates the spirit of an adventurer ready to chart unexplored territories. In essence, Chirag is more than a sum of qualifications and experiences; Chirag is a trailblazer, an explorer, and an ardent advocate for the limitless potential that life has to offer. As Chirag continues to weave a tapestry of achievements, one thing remains constant—a relentless pursuit of excellence and an unwavering commitment to making a lasting impact on the world.